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IGS Aerosols GmbH


1952    The company Sprühtechnik GmbH is founded in Rheinfelden.
1976    Dynamit Nobel AG planned to close the company. Management buy-out took place. Renamed as IG Sprühtechnik GmbH. Moved to Murg (Waldshut)
1980    Moved to the current location in Wehr (10,000 square metres).
1998    Expansion of the production and storage areas to currently 30,000 square metres.
1999    The company was sold by its then owners to the Danish Superfos Group, and was known as IG Sprühtechnik GmbH & Co. KG.
2006    Within the context of another management buy-out, the company was taken over by the current owners and has since been known as IGS Aerosols GmbH. The Managing Director is Andreas Guck.

Innovations have been a tradition at IGS since 1952

At IGS Aerosols, business has been revolving around the perfect aerosol product since 1952. The company was founded as one of the first German aerosol filling companies, as a subsidiary of the company Dynamit Nobel AG in Rheinfelden. Today, IGS has two plants in Wehr (Baden/Germany) and is one of the leading aerosol fillers in Europe. IGS not only delivers chemical-technical aerosol products, it also has a leading position in the manufacturing and filling of pharmaceutical aerosols. More than 3,000 own formulations, 1,000 of these in the areas of human and veterinary medicine, health care and medical technology, cover practically all areas of technical and pharmaceutical aerosol applications.

Company development

The "spray can" took the market by storm in the 1950s. IGS manufactured lacquers, paints and insecticides. Since the 1980s, IGS has been concentrating on contract filling of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical-technical products. During the course of company development, there has been a change from pure filling work to contractual filling, so that today the major part of the active ingredient mixtures are produced and – particularly in the case of technical aerosols – developed according to customer requirements.

In 1999, the then owner sold IGS to the Danish Superfos Group, which had already established its own Aerosols Group. In 2006 the company was restructured within the context of a management buy-out and has since been run under the name IGS Aerosols GmbH. The company employs around 165 people (2016). The Pharmaceuticals Division has a production capacity of around six to eight million cans a year, while the Technical Division produces around 30 to 35 million cans.